Experimenting with Gouache

While camping the other day, my new friends Rhonda & Trevor drove me out to see one of their friends Ron and his collection of machinery. After looking around his shed for a good half hour I found out his wife was an artist and she was having an exhibition in the local Hall.

We headed down to see her artworks and I had a good chat with her about watercolour and ink as a medium. She showed me her A5 visual diary and recommend I use something similar while driving around Australia as she did.

Here is an example of her work and the three stages of Pencil, Ink and then watercolour.

Ann Hutch – Artist

So the very next day I drove into town and picked up a visual diary and a few black and white ink pens.

I wanted to get back into the arts as its something I love doing, last year I completed two oil painting which is easy when you have a house or studio.


Once I brought my visual diary home I couldn’t help but get straight into putting ink to paper. I must admit that my first attempt in Gouache looked a little cartoon like and I wasn’t very impressed.

Self-portrait in Hammock

My second painting was a little more realistic but I still don’t like the black outlines, this one had more detail and took a little longer to paint. I was struggling with the amount of water to paint ratios which I guess will come in time, but over all I was happy with it.


I thought I would try something a little lighter but to me this kind of work never looks finished and I’m not sure I like this style.


Finally I changed and dropped the black outlines which I think will only look good for buildings or hard objects.

I’m happy with the emu as its more realistic and back to my original style of artwork I used to paint almost 30 years ago.

Emu with new Signature

I also changed my signature from C.osborne Z (year) which I’ve used for years and always looked a little messy in oil.

Old signature

Going forward from 2019 I’m going to use CHRIS (year) as straight lines are much easier to paint with a brush or pen and its almost become a logo.


New Art Website


If you would like to see more of my artworks you can visit my new website ChrisOsborne.art


6 thoughts on “Experimenting with Gouache

  1. I think they all look awesome, much better than anything I could do. I have been wanting to try and sketch more, can’t draw to save myself but just want to have a go and try an improve my ability to notice small details which is why I want to get an A5 blank notebook and maybe try to do one sketch a day, just as a personal challenge and if you think any one of your sketches is cartoon like you should see the amateurish doodles that I come up with. I actually really like the cormorant and wish I could do as well.


    1. Thank you for your kind words, I’m sure if I can do it after almost 30yrs I’m sure you can and the difference you will see in a year will be amazing.
      You can see the change in mine just after 4 drawings.
      If you can’t draw maybe trace them or grid the drawings and just practice colouring in and getting tones correctly

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