Time for More Gouache Animals

I thought it was time to have ago at painting once more, I was rather impressed with my emu I painted a few months ago. The down side is it kind of put me off a little, as I always try to make the next painting better than the previous one.

One of my friends said “that was silly, just start painting again, sometime you will do good ones other times you won’t.”

So after this little kick up the bum, I started painting again and I’m happy with the results of the ring-tailed lemur.

This took me around 3hrs to paint one evening.


This is painted from a photograph I shot while at Australia Zoo earlier this year.

My second painting is of a Grey Squirrel, this is also from a photograph I shot last year while visiting my home town Filey, North Yorkshire, England.

The following are a few progress shots of the Grey Squirrel, I painted it in around 4hrsIMG_3465




This painting with travel over seas to Germany, with a very special lady who has trouble saying Squirrel in English and has given me many laughs over the past few weeks, while staying at Glenella.



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