Eastern Yellow Robin in Gouache

Today I was looking at challenging myself to create something a little more realistic, and this time with a background.

Pencil sketch

I start by looking at all my bird photos I’ve taken over the past few years and what would make a nice painting.

Background Painted

If I create a nice artwork I get worried when it comes to creating a background as this is often after I have painted the main subject.

So I thought this time I would mix things up a little and start with the background, like I do in oils.

Post painted

I was looking for as much detail as possible while painting the post, even though its only about 3inch across it took me about 4hrs to paint.

Bird Painted in greys

Next I started painting the eye and then a rough grade of feathers on the bird concentrating on the head.

Yellow breast added

Next I started to paint the yellow breast feathers, which took about 5 coats of paint and lots of changes of water to keep paint vibrant.

At about 10pm I finished painting the legs as my friend Kelsey said to me years ago “Most people neglect the feet, make sure you do a good job.”

I spent another 1.5hrs in the morning re visiting the feet, feathers and a few bits of the wooden post.

Yellow Robin

I signed my name and then decided to darken the whole background as I thought it was distracting from the bird. Also blue paint has a bit of a shine and back has a mat finish.

So this little Eastern Yellow Robin thats on a small A5 piece of paper took me 3 times longer than the squirrel that I painted the other day.

So much for getting faster the more I paint, I just get more detailed. My next step is to get some finer brushes.

I didn’t misspell my name the I in CHRIS is just faint and I’m about to fix it.

Do you have a favourite bird that you would like to see me paint?


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