Robin Redbreast in Gouache

Yes I love my birds and remember watching them in our back yard as a kid, when I used to live in England.

I remember the little blue tits pecking the tops of milk bottle tops to drink the cream as the bottle stood in the snow. Now that’s showing my age, I also remember them having Christmas pattens on the lids too.

This this painting is from a photograph I took while visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It was one of my last few days in England and a treat for my birthday from my stepmother to try and cheer me up from getting dumped by my girlfriend.

We had just been visiting the big cats and while I was waiting for everyone to get together to see what animals we would visit next, I spotted a flash of red to my right.

Perched on a fence post was a little robin redbreast, I get excited by the smallest things, In a wildlife park full of exotic animals I go nuts over a wild robin.

So mum asked me to draw an owl them messaged me a day later to change her request to a robin.

Here is the pencil sketch and where the magic begins.

Pencil sketch

I thought this painting needed a nice light background as I wasn’t that happy with my last water background from the day before.

Background wash added

Well the fence post that this little robin was sat on didn’t have and snow to paint since it was summer. I had to use someone else photo of snow as a guide.IMG_3515

After about 4hrs later moved onto a rough undercoat of colour for the robin.

Robin undercoat

The final stages took about another 5hrs to complete with many coats to get all the feathers right.


I then added a Merry Christmas and boarder on the computer and dedicate this to my mother and stepmother.

Next year I may even print these as proper Christmas cards to sell at my exhibition.


Merry Christmas to all my readers hope you have had a fantastic year and thank you for reading my blogs and hope to keep you around next year.


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