Sydney’s New Zoo

A few weeks ago I decided to check out the new zoo that Sydney had to offer. Sydney Zoo had just opened and people were streaming through the gates. At around 9:30am there was a few hundred cars in the car park so I’m glad myself and a friend arrived early.

Tickets were purchased online so entry was rather painless and quick, a map was supplied for easy navigation around the zoo, everything was reasonably flat so I’m thinking wheelchair friendly.

There was a good amount of Australian animals as well as Asian and African. I’m thinking that more animals will arrive over the next few years as the was only one elephant, one giraffe, I’m not sure of the orangutans as they were nowhere to be seen.

The first demonstration was at the painted dogs, people were trying get out of the sun under the only shady spot. Trouble was people could not get passed to see other animals people with kids and prams were getting a bit abusive.

The zoo keeper was introducing the painted dogs which seemed like 15min before they were let out and tempers were getting worse. Luckily they were let out and the masses calmed down once the dogs were ripping into the meat.


Next we moved on to see ostriches a giraffe, this was nice to look down on them and a few more shade areas with mists of water falling on you was a good touch as it was already 30deg+


You need a good zoom on your camera as most animals are not that close and because of the heat most were seeking shelter so we’re not that active.

I didn’t manage to see the lions, hyena or cheetah move in the heat but got some reasonable shots.


The Copybara was something I hadn’t seen before that loved its fur and strange head.


Whenever I tried to get a photo of the animals they turned around and ended up getting lots of butt shots, which isn’t the best angle most of the time.


Oh and the monkey were showing off in more ways than one, so if you have children you may need to come prepared with the birds and bees talk and why some monkey little fellas change size.

I like the nocturnal section and this is a part of the Australian animal that I do usually get to see. Even when camping I seldom go searching for wildlife after dark, as lots of snakes seem to be more active in the night.

The penguins were little show offs but it was stinking hot in the enclosure so limited time was spent there.


After having something to eat we walked around the zoo to see what animals were awake but lots of animals and humans were battling the heat.


It topped 43deg so we decided to leave and and I headed back up to the fires at Blackheath.

It was only a small zoo and in its teething stages, more animals will be added and hopefully more shade areas or trees will be planted.

What are your zoo experience and what’s is your favourite animal ?


7 thoughts on “Sydney’s New Zoo

  1. I share your sentiments about the animals, such a lovely bunch! Especially the Capybara and penguins.😍 Please keep them safe from the blaze. I saw on TV that some animals were badly hurt by the forest fire. Well, these should be safe in the zoo, isn’t it?


    1. Yes millions of animals have been lost in the fires and lots more will perish without food. People are collecting them when they find them in the bush to animal hospitals. Also other organisations are dropping food for them out of helicopters and planes.
      Yes I think that zoo will be fine from the fires. I also went to Australia zoo the other day and they are helping with sick animals and also part of the zoo entry is been donated to wildlife rescue.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog


  2. Poor camel looks knackered lol. Looks like he could do with a hose down
    Better re visit in July when it’s a lot cooler
    Good pictures though


  3. In Australia, I’ve been to Perth Zoo, where I saw my first wombat, they are so cute, and Australia Zoo. Artis Zoo in Amsterdam is really famous and the oldest zoo in the Netherlands. Not sure what my favourite zoo animals are, actually. Definitely not creepy crawlies! 😉


    1. I haven’t been over the other side of Australia yet but when I do I’ll visit Perth Zoo.
      When I was at Australia zoo the other day they were walking a wombat around on a harness it looked so funny, I’ll add the photo to my next blog for you.
      I’m not really sure what I’m favourite zoo animal is, I guess it changes with the zoo. Maybe I should have asked what was your most memorable zoo animal.
      Chester zoo in England where to gorilla would do a big poop then throw it at the audience.
      Penguins at Taronga zoo and koalas at Australia zoo because that’s the first time I’ve seen them walk around.
      Wish I would have spotted the zoo in Amsterdam the other year.

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