Three Wrens in Gouache

I’ll start this blog off with how these little bird painting came about. As you can see below is a full sheet of Archers cold pressed 300g paper, once torn into sheets you get roughly 6 A4 sheets and two small strips left over.


I tore the two strips in to smaller squares and this is what I used to paint the little wrens on.

Once wet and folded a few times, the paper can be pulled apart with a slight tearing action.


This first wren was taken at Australia Zoo, last year. I was walking around Bindi Island watching the lemurs when a flash of black and red wizzed past my head, narrowly missing me. In bird terms it was probably miles off, as it settled on a near by post, I managed to capture its photo.

A close up of my wren painting I just finished and then noticed a few minor highlights I was missing.


The second wren painting was form a photo taken at Australia Zoo’s bird aviary, just has he was taking a shower in the sprinkler system.


The third wren was also photographed in the same bird aviary, this one was taken in a slightly darker section and most of the photos came out blurry apart from two.

Pencil drawing
Undercoat and final tail feathers
Final painting

Hopefully these three little wrens will look nice together in a single frame, mounted one above the other. If successful I have another 3 types of finches I’d like to paint in the future.

I’m also thinking of getting prints of my artworks on blank cards, postcards and bookmarks.

Is this something people still use ?

I still use bookmarks and blank cards if I see someones art I really like and can’t afford an original or I’m traveling overseas with a backpack.

Are postcards redundant do you still use them?

Oh and some good news…., I’m going to be exhibiting my art work in Maryborough’s Gatakers Artspace for the month of May 2020 so hopefully local friends will be able to come along and support me. I’ll post more details when I get the final paper work.


12 thoughts on “Three Wrens in Gouache

  1. Beautiful work Chris. I still use cards and bookmarks and often buy cards at exhibitions if I really like the art. I saw some beautiful birds in Uluru today but they are too quick for my iPhone. Congratulations on the exhibition. 🤗


  2. I am a bookmark and postcard user. But, it is a very narrow market anymore. I recently purchased some prints on canvas in small format of tulips. They were painted and then mass produced. Price mark was perfect but quality was excellent. They could be used for almost anything. My intention was to frame them but they ended up in my white board held with magnetics.
    I love your paintings. Best wishes on your marketing route and the exposition.


    1. Well I’ll have to send you some over when I get them printed then.
      I’m not sure what I’m going to get out of this venture but I’d like to create something for people to view on a daily basis.
      Looking forward to getting some of my artworks back soon and the exhibition in May

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I remember that now from when I was in the Lamington National Park. I could hear them but not see them.
      I’m in the middle of changing everything over to Chris Osborne Art so I can keep my art and travels separate including this blog, hope to see you there as well.


      1. I’ll have to come down for a visit, you know where all the wombats are.
        I seem to be caught in a yo yo between Bundaberg and the Blue Mountains this past few months. My plan was to come down this time until all the fires happened.


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