Camping at Wuruma Dam

After visiting Agnes Water for 3 days I was trying to resupply my stocks and avoid the rain that was brought in by a cyclone off the coast.

Madness hadn’t quite arrive at the coastal town of Agnes Waters so I was able to get all of my camping supplies for the next week including toilet paper. So fully stocked with fresh fruit and veg and a few packets of stuff I headed inland a few hundred km to Biloela. After stopping for a chat with the tourist office lady I visited the local art gallery to see what people were selling artworks for. This way I might have an indication what mine maybe worth, unfortunately they were mostly photographs so this was no help.

Leaving the gallery it started to rain so I checked the weather radar and noticed that a massive storm was chasing me down. I decided to continue south and hopefully get ahead of the storm so I didn’t have to set up camp in the rain.

It wasn’t until I drove west that I got away from the rain and heavy clouds. I set up camp and prepared for the rain by trying different configurations with my awnings.


This configuration seemed to work the best, by collecting rain water in the crate I was able to do my washing in the morning. Keeping my tent dry enabled me to open the side up so I could get some air inside the tent.

The weather for the next 4 days was a little miserable but the views were still stunning. I was able to get out and stretch my legs in-between the showers, unfortunately no painting was done. I do have a library of about 12 books in my car, so passing time was not a problem.

Heavy rain

People in motor homes and caravans took pity on me and I was invited around for some shelter and good conversations.

Once the weather cleared up I walked down to the dam wall and the views early in the morning were nothing short of spectacular. All this from a free campsite with toilet block and dam water.

Early Morning Views


After the rain everything seemed to come alive, the birds were singing and the kangaroos were hoping around. The ground was sprouting a carpet of mushrooms and I spotted new and interesting bugs.


I have never seen so may beautifully coloured butterflies and moths, they were flying around the campsite.

I spotted a couple of ladies crouched around something on the ground, so I wandered over to investigate and see if they needed any help. A very polite lady in her 80 showed me a centipede she had found in the toilet block and carried out in a tissue. She explained to me that the kookaburra may find it a tasty meal and picked it up and placed it in a tree.


Wandering further afield I came a cross some abandoned car wrecks which made for some interesting photography. In fact one of the other campers was impressed with my art skills so he wants me to paint this car scene as soon as possible.


So I wandered back to camp, made myself some dinner and watched the sun set. After I had a drinks with other campers at a safe distance and eat freshly caught fish from the dam.

I then walked back to my tent in an indirect line mainly due to the wine and lack of a torch, holding my camp chair. Also the fact I had changed my campsite for one with more shade didn’t help my navigation skills in an inebriated state of mind.

After tripping over my tents guide rope I found my intended destination and the chair remained where it fell.

looking up from where I fell, the sky was full of millions of stars all practicing social distancing and I swear they were dancing before my eyes.

I opened the zip on my tent door to gain entry only to find my head would not go through the closed fly screen, after a little confusion I solved the problem.

When I changed my camp site earlier that morning I also turned my tent around in the process. So for quick entry and exit I only ever zip the fly or wall of the tent. This was now on the other side so I had to deal with two zips, which added to the confusion in my drunken state.

I turned the light on to make things a little easier getting into my sleeping bag liner as it was a warm night. Note, my sleeping bag liner has no zip so you have to gain entry in the top of a long sausage like bag. This was not so easy within a confined space with a light shining in my eyes. I then had the good sense of mind to get out and take my clothes off before repeating the process.

After a few complicated manoeuvres I noticed the door still open so I reached over closed it and turned off the light.

Hopefully nobody saw as I’m sure I was quiet as a mouse, goodnight.


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