More Camping at Wuruma Dam

After a heavy night I was rudely awoken by eager fisher men slamming every possible caravan and car door. Why people have to start there car and leave it running while they throw everything into the boat is beyond me.

At Wuruma Dam there is plenty red claw to be had, thats if you know the special places. Everyone has there own special place and special food they use as bait. From dog biscuit, cat food, pumpkin, soap, grass, corn, apple. Someday they come back with 40+ other days only 2. Then the blame game comes out, it’s the full moon, no moon, windy, rainy, water too cold, water too warm. Anyway while everyone is red clawing I get to sleep in for another hr as the campsite is deserted and you can listen to nature.

Red Claw from another trip

After I got myself together I started working on a few maps for the Blue Mountains 5 Day Camino training walk. To my surprise I hear Beth saying knock knock would you like some scones and Jam. Err sure I’d love some.


I tell you what it’s nice to be the camp site favourite, people bring you hand made scones.

I certainly live well once I’m on the road, by my own means or other peoples generosity. Yesterday I had scrambled eggs, with salmon, brie and a sprinkle of onions but I did forget the bagels.

Life was fine and everything seemed normal unless you listened to the world news, I was determined not to let this get me down.

I was setting up my solar panels when I could smell some smoke, I thought who has lit a camp fire. Between my portable battery and the back door I could now see smoke. I shouted to my neighbour “Pete my cars smoking” he came racing over and we disconnected the solar blanket, the fridge and took the battery pack out of the car.

Then I saw the smoke was coming out of the door frame, so we ripped the door cladding apart and exposed the smoking part, then cut the wires. Pete then got some heat shrink off Ron and made things safe for me.

Turns out, when I bought the car, the passenger side door trim light was broken, but I guess the parts were still in the door. Last month I added to this problem by having a packet of washing liquid leak into the cupholder and into the door frame. So all this gooey mess was in the bottom of my door frame and around the broken light fitting. I guess the 4 days of rain had created a little pool on nastiness and when I opened the door  I activated the electrics.

I think since I was drinking the night before, my car thought it was alright to start smoking in the mornings. So that was my little drama for the day that could have ended rather badly.

Later that day I thought I’d go for a drive around the dam and see if the car was still ok. I was on the search for the mob of emus the groundskeeper told me about.

I didn’t manage to find any emus but I did come across some cows that thought it was funny to stand on the dirt track and not move.


Once I got passed the cows the road started getting very overgrown with the recent rains and I was driving through grass taler than my bonnet.

Tallish grass

It was so beautiful out here not another sole around, except a few cows and the odd eagle. The sky hardly had a cloud at all and the temperature was around 28 deg.

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 12.09.24

Feeling a little peckish, I parked the car and made myself a sandwich and sat on a rock watching the ants go about their business. This is when I saw lots of bugs on my grill and behind that, my radiator was full of grass seeds.

Not wanting another disaster on my hands I got on my hands and knees between the ants and the fresh cow pats and deseeded my car’s radiator.

On the way back to camp, I passed the cows and they were a little more cooperative this time and moved straight away. Since my car had already taken the seeds from the tall grass, I didn’t have to deseed my car a second time.

On my return trip I did spot the campground from across the dam, as you can see its a beautiful spot to camp and hopefully I’ll be returning in another 7 days.


As the sun set on another beautiful day, I walked over to the toilet block and this brought back memories of my first night were I saw a python sticking out of a hole in the wall. I did however learn something new, snakes can go backwards, as I watched in amazement as it reversed into a hole, waiting to scare the next victim.

Just one of the many things you have to watch out for in Australia.

Oh I even managed to get some painting done over the next few days, but I must admit with all the rain, wind, bugs its not that easy.

Fiddler Crabs in Gouache

If you would like to see some of my art please visit


4 thoughts on “More Camping at Wuruma Dam

      1. I am sad to hear that the parks are closed. I hope that the rationales behind the closing is to protect the human as well as the animals(to prevent cross contamination to the vulnerable wild lives). Take care and look forward to your paintings.


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