The Past Six Months

What have I been doing for the past 6mths you may ask since I was a Wuruma Dam.

Well it was heading into winter so a went to pick up a warmer sleeping bag, yes it does get cold in Australia. Then Covid hit, so I got stuck at mums for two months, which was a blessing in disguise because I really got stuck into my painting and have never looked back.

I launched a website www.ChrisOsborne.Art and have been painting, and blogging all about my art ever since.

Then I managed to do some house sitting for friends in Queensland, which in turn gave me a good opportunity to do some more painting of zoo animals.

This then led to getting selected at the once a year Australia Zoo markets which was rather a successful day, my mother providing an eftpos machine which was very helpful. It was nice to meet people after been locked up for a few months and talk about my art and meet other artists.

Since I only had two weeks to prepare, I think we did rather well on short notice.

After this I did another house sitting job this time looking after a few dogs and a campground with archery. I also managed to sell some art works as people saw me painting and setting up a stall.

The owners lent me a marquee to see how setting up in the wind would go, which worked out quite well. I just need to buy more signs or maybe put them on the outside to draw attention.

After this I headed up the coast and managed to see my first wild platypus playing under a bridge. This was a most amazing experience and I’m sure it will become a painting one day.

Oh I had a birthday and went whale watching thanks to mum, this will be another blog in itself now I’ve got time to catch up on my blogs as I have internet coverage now.

After this I drove a few 1000km to see my uncle and other friends in Cairns then way out west for more camping adventures.

So this is my setup now, I paint at campsites and sell my art work and make some wonderful friendships along the way.

So thats what I’ve been doing over the past 6mths. A little camping and a lot of painting.

My latest Painting “The Mountains are Calling”

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