Possum Cottage Gallery

Well its been a little while since I’ve blogged here on my adventure site as I’ve been occupied with my painting website http://www.ChrisOsborne.art

Since last I blogged I’ve moved out of the converted train carriage at Possum Park Mile and into my own little cottage which is absolutely beautiful and exactly what I need right now in my life. The cottage has a wonderful garden and surrounded by lots of flowering succulents and native grevillea’s and bottle brushes. This is still at Possum Park Miles.

Possum Cottage
Back of Possum Cottage

Inside Possum Cottage I have converted the foyer into a little art gallery and shop which I open up between 11am and 3pm each day for any campers of Possum Park.

I have my own little veggie patch in a raised garden bed tub, with its own resident birds, Striated Pardalote which was my latest gouache painting.

Gouache on hot pressed watercolour paper

I’ve also had a solo exhibition at Gatakers Artspace in Maryborough from May to March which really looked professional and made me feel like an accomplished Artist.

Standing next to some of my artworks

I have just hit a milestone of selling 70 original artworks and 19 people have been lucky enough to receive original artworks as gifts and I have also given dozens or greeting cards, bookmarks, postcards and fridge magnets away to people in Australia and overseas so keep and eye on my website.

70 Original Artworks Sold 2019-2021
19 Original Artwork Gifted 2019-2021

I’m definitely having a good time painting and I enjoying meeting lots of different people from around Australia listening to their stories and talking about my artwork.

Not every paintbrush I use is super tiny I’ve been using much larger brushes to make Possum Park a safer experience by painting yellow lines on steps.

My painting hasn’t stopped there it’s also included re painting and numbering the ammunition bunkers, and keeping them all clean and tidy for the guests. This is definitely a beautiful place to work and it also gives me plenty of time to paint and photograph birds.

I love hiking and I’m currently adding my little touch to the bunker walk by adding distance markers so people know how far they have walked. I may have to make the decimal point a little bigger so people don’t think its a 34km hike rather than a 3.4km walk.

April to August Artworks

Leaf on Stone
Vigilant Grooming
Ravi the Red Panda
The Keep Scarborough
Fields of happiness
Approaching Castrojeriz

This is just a small example of my latest paintings, to keep updated follow my art website at http://www.ChrisOsborne.art

Once again sorry I have not been out and about creating movies and blogging a little more as you can see painting has become my new hobby.


5 thoughts on “Possum Cottage Gallery

    1. Yes it’s good to write a blog while at mums, the internet is very slow at Possum Park especially inside Possum Cottage as it was the old explosives laboratory and very well insulated.
      It will definitely good to catch up with you guys sometime soon. In the meantime enjoy you presents I sent you today.


  1. Watching your progress in your art and your life makes me very proud and happy for you
    Seeing you the last couple of days has been wonderful, keep doing what makes you and other around you happy, people who purchased and order your art work do so because it’s fabulous,
    Believe in your self, be proud of you work, be happy


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