Selling My House To Purchase Adventures

Well its been almost 3 months since I took a redundancy from work on the 1st of December and I also decided to put my house up for sale 3 weeks ago as well.

December – February

I left work and started doing all the odd jobs around the house, the ones that Ive been putting off for years, like painting the gutters and fixing the steps next to my very steep drive way. I relayed pavers around the pool and fixed up the veggie patch, spread a few tractor scoops of mulch in the front yard.

The down side is we have had a very hot summer with consecutive days of 40°+ so by lunch time I almost pass out.

After I thought all the odd jobs had been finished I had to pool inspector around.

Fixing the steps

Pool Certification

Unfortunately the pool is about 40yrs old and the council pool rules have changed so the pool inspector handed me a list of about 10 things to make the pool compliant.

New gate locks, perspex over foot holds, trees trimmed, locks on windows, new internal pool fence, taps moved, pavers relayed. All this took about a week and $2500 so a costly little exercise. Better to have a compliant pool, that way the buyer has one less thing to negotiate with. The old pool fencing was brown so that had to be painted to match the new black one, down side when painting in 40° heat the paint starts to thicken quickly so this became a 7am job while the weather was a modest 20°.


Building Inspection.

Just when I thought I could relax and drink ciders by the pool and work on my tan, the building inspector decided to give me more work to do. “Err there’s a leak under your bathroom, you will need to get fixed”.

The Plumber

I made a call to the Plumber, well several and only one returned my call. The young bloke located the leak, it was in fact in my bathroom wall. “We will have to crack some tiles off to get at the leak” my heart sank, after I composed myself my response was your not smashing any tiles off my brand new bathroom thank you very much. Thats what I think I said in reality I think only a few squeaks came out.

4 Deloraine Drive, Leonay-11
Don’t touch my bathroom

I convinced him to cut a hole in the adjoining cupboard gyprock to locate the leak which after almost an argument he agreed to do. “Oh look I can see your leak” well I kinda told you so. So after a few more conversations he told me he would still have to fix it by cracking a few tiles. I gave him the other job of relocating the outside tap 300mm away from the pool fence, while I went to the tiler to get some more tiles.


Blaxland Tiles

Looking a little worried I arrived at the tile shop with my rescued tile off cut from when I had the bathroom renovation. I literally stepped in the door and was half way to the desk when a little voice said “oh we don’t make those tiles any more” My heart sank again, my response “you have to, I have a teenage plumber about to smash the crap out of my bathroom with the largest bluntest tools his thick fingers can hold.

Luckily it was a Friday afternoon and all this young bloke wanted to do was start his weekend so he phoned me up said the tap was finished and he’d come back Monday to de value my bathroom no doubt.

The next day I ran into my neighbour and explained my bathroom situation, he came over and cut a bigger hole in the wall and said I could cut the bricks out of the sunroom toilet and leave my new bathroom intact. He said just to be sure he’d come back with his brother the next day.

By now I was almost having a nervous breakdown. He left me with instructions and a hammer drill and said they would be back in about 4hrs.

To cut a long story short, I cut 5 bricks out from behind the toilet and the brothers came back and cut out the leak. I cancelled the young plumber and over the next few days I patched up the bricks and gyprock.

The problem

Car wants a turn on my Visa card

Just when I thought I could have no more problems, the car decides to overheat on the way to the movies. The next day I take the car in for a service and $550 later and a few new pipes and some coolant this fixes the problem so I was told. Driving up the hill the car over heats again and coolant starts spewing out all over the place. Back to the mechanics for an overnight stay. This goes on for a few days and turns out I need a new radiator and a few other bits and pieces. Another $850 later I’m thinking was leaving my job the best idea of 2017.

The car seems to be running fine and I now have a leak free bathroom and a complaint pool certificate, I have just had the 3rd open house and I’m starting to get some interest, so wish me luck and soon I’ll be starting my adventures once more.

My house



10 thoughts on “Selling My House To Purchase Adventures

  1. Wow, I was wondering yesterday why I hadn’t seen anything from you in a while. I assumed you were kayaking. Houses are a pain and a drain of money! Looks like you got yours in great shape to sell it. Best wishes for a quick sale and money to do as you wish.


    1. Thank you. Yes after I worked on the house all day I was so tired WordPress was last thing on my mind. Thank you for missing me. I also have a few months of catching up to do on other people’s blogs. I’m moving all my stuff 15hrs up the coast so will have plenty of time to read them.


  2. Hey Chris. It’s Mike (#ShroomAtNoon). Make sure if you come to the US anywhere near Philadelphia you let me know so we can hang out a bit.. your choice we can either go hiking or go into the big city and explore. Hope to see you soon.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Mike. It’s so nice to hear from you.
      Still haven’t made any plans to travel just yet I’m still waiting for someone to make an offer on the house, then I’ll start planning some things. Mum and dad got the keys to their new house yesterday and we unpacked 3/4 of the truck so most of my gears up here now.
      You have been busy making all the mushroom boxes they look amazing and love the three sisters farm. Our local attraction in the blue mountains is the three sisters rock formation so I’ll see if I can get the girls something when I get home.


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