Camino Training Interview

I love photography and making movies but one thing i’m not good at is explaining things or trying to explain a situation that I’ve been a part of.

So when we got back from our first part of the Camino, I asked mum if she would mind doing an interview about the training and all that was involved in getting her ready to start the walk of a life time.

She agreed, so I asked my friend if I could borrow there lights that way I could play around with a green screen.


I put together a storyboard of the shots that I needed of equipment, as I already had more than enough shots of our training walks leading up to the Camino.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 18.23.59

I wrote a script for mum, she read it once and said ok got it. We then filmed the whole thing in two takes.

I was just blown away by this, because when I do voice overs for my adventure videos it takes me about 8 tries to say one line of script, sometimes this is embarrassing as its often only a few words or a location name I cant pronounce.

Mum explains the process that was involved in going to her first camping store and to try on and buy the right equipment to take on the Camino.

She explains that she wasn’t very fit and needed to start small and build her walks up to something that is more manageable before we both headed over seas.

I see my mother as an inspiration to others that would like to walk the Camino but think its just beyond their capabilities, or think their not fit enough to tackle such a large walk.

Anyway here’s my mums interview about training for the Camino, Enjoy.

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One thought on “Camino Training Interview

  1. Working with Chris to get me fit was amazing, he is so patient and encouraged me every step of the way, he helped me chose the correct gear, and was smack on with what to take and what we didn’t need on the Camino. It’s no easy living in each other’s pockets 24/7 but you learn to give and take, I am very proud of the videos and the photos he has done and put together on all his adventures, he has an eye for things that other people just don’t see including me. Can’t wait to complete the Camino journey Chris, keep the videos and photos coming, great work

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