Waterfall Circuit Lawson

Friday Friends and Waterfalls

I’d just walked 2km home after dropping my car off for a service, so I was quite warm when Olivia arrived at my door. Forgetting how far up the mountains Lawson was I jumped in the car only dressed in shorts and tee shirt.

Just before we pulled up to the car park there was a burnt out Magna. So we came to the conclusion that the 2nd car park another 500m or so might be more inviting. Now we were happy that Olivia’s car wasn’t going to end up the local bonfire she parked the car.

Stepping out of the car this is when the cool mountain breeze hit me. We set off down the track in a brisk clockwise direction, so I could warm up and I could talk without my teeth chattering.

The first waterfall was not far from the car park. This was Cataract Falls a waterfall that you could walk behind and watch the water fall in front of your face and feel the crisp air.


A little bit further down Cataract Creek we came across a little cascade. I still hadn’t warmed up at this stage, since we were on the southern side of the Blue Mountains most of the dense forest was in early morning shade.


Federal Falls was also another beautiful waterfall with a nice sandy area that kids could play in the summer months. From memory this also had a picnic table and bench.


I must admit I didn’t see or hear much wildlife on this walk I was quite surprised usually rainforests are teaming with life.

Next up junction falls this was a double waterfall one from Lawson Creek the other from Ridges Creek.


Next up Adelina Falls which had a larger pool of water to play in. It wasn’t the appropriate season and I was the appropriate age, unless it was a dare and i’m up for anything.


All in all this took us about 1hr with lots of stopping for waterfall photos, maybe I was a little fast on my feet because I was inappropriately dress for this walk in winter.

Then we drove over to Lawson shops for a hot chocolate and some cakes from Rick Rutherford’s Country. This also had lots of giftware’s and a nice Christmas collection.

My YouTube Video of Waterfall Circuit Lawson


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