Filming Glenella Guesthouse Promotional Video

Well this blogs a little different to my normal adventure blogs and spans two and a half weeks stay at Glenella Guesthouse filming a promotional video.

On my adventures down the coast I was planing to spend no more than a week in the Blue Mountains and as my best laid plans never seem to work out, this was no exception.

I popped in to say hello to my friends at Glenella Guesthouse in Blackheath, where I used to attended monthly camino dinners and a place where my mother worked for two months last year.

I stayed with them for 3 days so I could catch up with friends and sort out my problematic dual battery system, as it was not holding charge.

Margaret and Rowan asked me if I would like a filming and editing project to promote their guesthouse in exchange for some accommodation. This was a no brainer as I love both filming and editing but was not sure about the content, as I’d never filmed a guesthouse before.

My new line of thinking is never knock an opportunity back if they include hobbies, accommodation, food or women. This offered 3 of the 4 so I was more than happy, as it turned out I went hiking with 4 ladies from the guesthouse so what more could you ask for.

I excepted their offer, but said I was going camping to Kanangra Walls for 3 days to see if my battery had been fixed.

As it turned out it had, my new problem was a leaking tent and the weather was 2 degrees over night, and the wind was so strong tree branches were falling off trees around the camp site. This was not much fun so I headed back a day early and was ready to start my new filming project.

Film One (About Margaret and Rowan)

I had two films to create for Margaret and Rowan for their open house in two weeks time and to be placed on their website.

The first film was an interview style about them from growing up in South Africa to traveling overseas and finally buying Glenella guesthouse in Blackheath.

This seemed to work well as an interview style with their own photos and video incorporated into the film.

Trying to film and hold a TelePrompTer at the same time

Film Two (About Glenella)

The 2nd Film is all about Glenella guesthouse that will be included on their website and sent out as a link when people book or inquire about accommodation.

I started filming this in the same format as the interview but it just didn’t seam to work, they were more stiff and awkward and there just was no script or direction to introduce the rooms or a logical order.

After two days of filming I knew something had to change to make them feel more at ease as I could not see their spark.

I was sat down reading a book one night and watched the way Margaret introduced a guest to Glenella and showed them around their guesthouse. This was it she was happy smiling and very proud of Glenella.

The next day I suggested a change about the way we film, instead of sitting on the lounge talking about the guesthouse, take the viewers on a tour of the guesthouse.

Unfortunately with only three days till open day and a deadline to meet it was a little rushed and we could have maybe filmed a few more takes.

The other thing I was lacking was half my equipment, I didn’t have my lapel microphones and my studio lights or a decent tripod, they were all 1400km away. Also Margaret and Rowan are real people and not actors so you get a natural feel with a bit of nervous thrown in. Either way we had fun filming and plenty of bloopers to keep people laughing for hours.

I did the best with what I had and for a first attempt at filming a guesthouse I’m hoping it will entice people to stay in the future.

The next two days I put in almost 20hrs behind the computer to get this 2nd film finished for open day.

Editing software Final Cut Pro 10.4

I editing on a MacBook Pro in Final Cut Pro 10.4 and my current video camera is a Canon XA30. I also use this for some of my hiking trips and my current camping adventures.

Promotional Videos

Hope you enjoy my work.


10 thoughts on “Filming Glenella Guesthouse Promotional Video

      1. I think you are right about the interview style. Also, one or two pictures of the bathrooms. Few more guests in the shots. These are all things I look for when I stay at a B&B. The fact that they appear to be real people telling their story was great.


      2. It was a little hard to film the bathrooms because of mirrors and getting in the shots also the nice ones already had guests using the rooms. A things to note for future videos, and the shared bathrooms down stairs are in the middle of been upgraded.
        Unfortunately the sun comes into the dining room when they are serving breakfast and it was just impossible to film until sunset.
        They joys of trying to get it all filmed in the last two days.
        I think Margaret and Rowen going to put photos of the bathrooms on the website


  1. Actually photos work great. I forgot that mirrors and camera lights don’t do well. I think you did a wonderful job with only two days. The editing alone is the hardest time consuming part. I liked the music in the video, fit perfect.


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