Chevallan Archery Park Funday Sunday

For the last few weeks I’ve been at Chevallan Archery Park, just outside of Gympie Queensland. It’s a stunning place to camp with panoramic views but thats going to be a different blog in a few days time.

This is about me helping out two wonderful people and their three dogs as my two day stay has extended to probably closer to 3 weeks.

Each day I’ve been occupied with something different, like building a dog kennel for their new puppy, who is adorable little kelpie. Who can fetch as ball already, which one of our family dogs never mastered.

I’ve been building a practice range, for the archers, complete with shade sails to keep the summer sun away. In Queensland it’s been glorious weather 30+ Deg each day, and to be outside in the sun for a few hours hardly feels like work at all.


Ive also been using a mechanical log splitter to brake up logs to supply all the camp fires through the winter months for the hard core campers. This was very interesting and took most of the effort out, since you didn’t have to swing an axe around. I still managed to bang my little finger between the timber and machine on the first log.

I also lent a hand at setting all the 3D animal targets up for the Funday Sunday shoot which takes place every fortnight. Tamara and Gary trusted me enough to drive one of the quad bikes, which was undoubtedly lots of fun and saved lots of time dragging animals around.

3D Animal Target

So it’s been a busy two weeks staying here and iv’e enjoyed every minute of it, so much for only staying two days just to catchup on some of my blogging.

When i’ve not been working as a handyman, i’ve been working on a promotional video for Tamara and Gary’s Chevallan Archery Park. I followed a few of their club members around for a few hours so I could film and create a video, just as a thank you and to help their business along for been some wonderful hosts.

I’ve been told by some travellers that I’m now classed as a digital nomad, which I really like the sound of.

So here is a little project I’ve been working on for the past few days.

Chevallan Archery Park Promotional Video


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