Cocktails Sunsets and My Sisters Wedding


Next stop Terrigal on the Central Coast to meet up with my parents, my sister and my uncle and aunts.

We went out to the Crowne plaza Terrigal, some of us had a nice meal and a few drinks, others were more than disappointed by the limp pizza.

I managed to let my hair down and drink a jug of sangria and then a cocktail and maybe something else, anyway this is us having cocktails.

Enjoying after drink, drinks


We then had a stroll along the beach in the general direction of home, I got rather excited with the sunset, it didn’t seem to be as spectacular as I remember.

Unfortunately my camera didn’t have the same alcohol infused filters on that I did and the seagulls weren’t flying where I wanted them to.

Janet got too close to the sand bank and it collapsed almost projecting her into the sea, we all had a good laugh and I rushed to help her up. my giggling had stopped by the time I arrived to her aid, which worked in my favour.

Middle of photo where Janet fell

We then had to navigate the shallow water of the creek flowing into the sea, some took the shortcut through the water.

I decided that Janet would be better off taking the longer dry way home and guided her around the creek and up the stairs. Or maybe in my tipsy state I thought taking my socks and shoes off would be more hassle.

Green Point

Next stop a wonderful 5 bedroom place at Green Point right on the waters edge with stunning views, a gym, pool and kayaks to play on.


I managed to get out on the kayaks for a good half hour before cooking the BBQ.


A very modern open plan house, lots of white just the way I want my dream house, after I finish playing around with tents.

This time my camera and I agreed we were seeing the same stunning sunset as proven in this photo.

An unbelievable sunset at Green Point

Wedding Day

The reason we were all at this massive house was because my baby sister was getting married.

She looked so beautiful, my little sister all grown up, I’m very proud of her and welcome Philip and his daughter into our family.

Ayshea and Philip
Drizzle Wedding Cake

The wedding was a success and lots of fun and games were to be had by all, the rain made an appearance since my cousins were around but it didn’t dampen the mood only my clothes.

Anyway that’s all I’ll write about the wedding as its my sisters story, not mine.

Oh I may have had 5 slices of cake….


7 thoughts on “Cocktails Sunsets and My Sisters Wedding

  1. It sure was a great time, having family from the UK, the Wedding was just beautiful and all of us together could not ask for more. It is wonderful to see our family grow, hope they have many many happy years together. The sunset was brilliant a great start to the 3 day stay at the house.

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