Buying a Toyota Landcruiser Prado

I made the decision to sell Orlando, but what to buy ?

I was looking for a 4WD that had high clearance so I could get to the Queensland campsites that are in the national parks or on the beach. I’m not really one for caravan parks as they cost too much and are often over crowded anyway.

I wanted a little bit bigger boot and a car tier that was fitted on the back door not inside the vehicle. Also something with a much bigger fuel tank and diesel as I was told this was much better for water crossings and fuel economy.

So after a bit of research the Toyota Landcruiser Prado came up, so I went with Brian to check it out.

I found a good deal but it was just on closing so we didn’t have time for a test drive, then the next day I had family over from England so we went kayaking, then Fraser Island then a trip to Cairns. So this good deal went to someone else.

So I went back to Bundaberg Toyota and was greeted by Luke, we started looking at Prado’s unfortunately the only ones available were 2015 models and were out of my price range.

Then he remembered that one had just come in and was out the back getting detailed, so he managed to get it and we took it for a test drive. Oh and I got it covered in mud, lol

I then wanted to think about it overnight and talk to Brian as he was more knowledgeable about cars than I was. Luke gave me the keys and said “take it home and let your dad look it over.”

So everything checked out and we both drove back and started some negotiations, after about half an hour we agreed on a good deal.

OMG I just purchased a car, now I’m committed to doing my 2019 Australian Road Trip with no excuses.

I’m stood next to both cars in Bundaberg Toyota. My New 2nd hand Prado 2010 and my old 2003 Outlander.


I drove 3.5 hours down to the caravan and camping show so I could see about 4WD courses, that way I would have some basic knowledge how to drive my car off road.

Offroad Ready run a number of courses and the two that I’m interested in are, low range 4×4 and Noosa North Shore Great Beach Drive. This way I’ll know what my car and I can do and also what I need to purchase to insure I have a safe and reliable adventure.

On closer inspection the dates didn’t line up with what I wanted so I’ve now booked in with Australian 4WD.

The start day for this course will be May 11th the same day that my dad passed away last year while I was visiting him the UK.

So my thought will be with him on this new chapter in my life as I know he would have been very proud of me travelling around Australia living my life to the fullest.

Oh and on a brighter note, I bought an Alton Goods hammock while I was at the show so expect to see this featured more in the coming year. I miss my old hammock as I used to read, eat drink and be merry by the pool at my old house.


Sometimes doing nothing is hard work

Today I’ve picked up my car and purchased car mats to keep the floor clean and some new roof racks so I can go kayaking tomorrow. My awning, 2nd battery, solar panels, fridge and swag, will also move across from my old car to the un named Prado.

I drove mum to the beach then we headed up to The Hummock lookout for some photos.

Rhino roof racks and awning added

I’m also thinking of changing my number plate as VGJ sounds a little like lady parts to me.

Previous Car Names

1st Katie

2nd Katie2

3rd Orlando

4th ??????

What shall I call my new car ? feel free to make a suggestion.


7 thoughts on “Buying a Toyota Landcruiser Prado

  1. Loving the hammock…very tempted to get the same one.
    As for the car – nothing wrong with lady parts! – considering the sales person’s name was Luke, I’m getting a Star Wars vibe, I’m voting you name him Yoda 🙂 Safe travels in your new vehicle


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