Painting at Possum Park Miles

Well this has been a very productive month for painting, it’s been good to sit down and learn some new skills. I’ve used water colour for the first time which was very trying and a little hard for me to get used to.

Incase you didn’t read my last blog then this converted train carriage has been my accommodation for the past month. I have had such a good time here and can’t wait to return in mid January after I’ve spent some time with family over Christmas.

My converted good carriage

I purchased some professional watercolours a few months ago and was dying to try them out.

1914 Christmas Box

Julie the owner of Possum Park gifted me with the incredible Christmas box that was given to the soldiers in 1914, its such a wonderfull gift and will be well looked after.

My first every small watercolour painting was of Filey Brigg my home town in North Yorkshire. I have framed this up and its been posted off to my favourite Auntie. It’s currently somewhere between Australia and the UK as my tracking hasn’t been updated since the 8th December. Maybe Santa has it now…

Filey Brigg

My next watercolour was another painting from Filey of the sea wall and Filey Brigg in the background. This was double the size of my last painting and a lot more detailed.

Filey Beach

I had a little pause from water colour and painted a small bug one afternoon in gouache, which is very similar but opaque colours.

This was a nice little bug study and something I like to do to relax after a few larger paintings. What I did discover was my car had mice in it and they little buggers had started eating a few frames and some of my books. I took everything out of my car but couldn’t find them, but I left a few traps and my car no longer has a mouse problem.

Bug Study

Back to painting and this next one gave me no end of problems and kind of turned me off water colour for a little while. It was more to do with not soaking the paper over night than the actual water colour so I’m sure I’ll go back to watercolour very soon or in the new year.

Forgotten History

So after a bit of a disappointing end to my watercolour, I decided to go back to what I knew best and that was gouache. I thought I would try and do something that I’d been wanting to paint for ages and that was a little frog on black paper. I had just taken some really nice photographs of frogs at the archery park that I’d been staying at for a few weeks and thought this would be ideal.

Contemplating Wild Life

I was rather impressed with how this little frog turned out and its now on the cover of my website and Facebook page.

This led me to created a black label collection, which will have more detail than my normal paintings. These will be professionally framed on none reflective glass, so a slightly higher grade than my gallery range.

This was meant to be my show piece for my exhibition but my cousin wanted to purchase it. In the end I decided to let her purchase it and painted another frog, this time with some fungi.

Freddy Fungi

So there you have it, this is what I’ve been up to for the past month, Painting, painting and oiling some decks for the owners of Possum Park. Thats probably my last major painting for 2020, maybe a few little bug studies here and there.

Painting Blogs

If you would like to read more about each painting drop by my website www.ChrisOsborne.Art or click the links below.

If you’re on your big lap around Australia then don’t for get to stop in at Possum Park and stay for a night or a week as you head out towards Charleville.

You may even run into me as I’m coming back for a few more months and possibly exhibiting my artwork in one of the bunkers.


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