Car Camping Equipment and Solar Power

People have been asking about my car camping set up so I’ll list the things I have so far but since I’ve only just started I’m sure this setup will change over the coming months.



I’ll start with my car Orlando as everything is packed randomly inside or on top of it. This is my trusty old 2004 Mitsubishi Outlander, that I’ve had for almost 12yrs. Its due for a replacement but until I’m 100% sure on my travel plans I’ll keep Orlando for another year.

My car is only an AWD and not a 4WD so I can’t quite get to all the really cool places like on the beach or high clearance areas just yet but its good to work up to these things.

Swag / Tent

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 9.41.38 am
Darche Frontier 1200

Ive always wanted a swag to get more of the Australian experience but I also wanted something I could sit up in and get changed without too much trouble. So I moved away from the traditional swag and got a swag tent with the extra head room.

I just wanted something I could set up in a few mins without the hassle of blowing up mattresses and something that would give me a better nights sleep. The down side is it takes up the two back seats of my car.

So far this has been through a heavy downpour with no problems and is excellent if you like to sleep in as its so dark inside with most of the flaps drawn.

I’m looking forward to sleeping with all the roof flaps open and viewing the stars or a full moon.

I also like you can open any of the flaps around the tent to have some cross flow breeze flowing across you all night.

The mattress seems to be comfortable and I’m sure it will be even better still when I don’t have any bruised ribs.

More Details on the Darche website


Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 9.31.57 am
ARB 35L Fridge

When I went camping over the long weekends with my friends I was introduced to a whole different set up from normal camping where you hike to a location and can only take what you can fit in your backpack.

As apposed to car camping when you can take heaps of junk depending on your budget and the size of your car.

The fridge doesn’t take up too much room

I was introduced to a fridge and was lucky enough to be given my stepdads spare fridge out of his motorhome.

Its nice to be able to get a cool drink while out camping in 30+ deg heat and also have yogurt and cool fruit in the mornings or cold milk for your cereal.

A fridge enables you to take meat for sandwiches, jams and store fruit and veggies longer or a cool cider on a night.

So far I’ve been happy with the fridge, its just my food selection and meals I need to work on.

The fridge would be much better on a slide out tray but because I don’t have a proper 4WD my spare wheel is under the fridge and not on the back door so I can’t fit a slide out tray.

ARB 35L fridge more details can be found on the ARB website.


Projecta Power Hub

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 9.13.22 am
Projecta Power Hub

To run my fridge and other electronics I need some power so this is where the Projecta Power Hub comes in handy. Its a dry cell battery inside a protective case that has a few neat features like 10 different connections to charge various types of electronics including my fridge for up to a week. Not tested just yet.

Includes: Merit, 2x 2A USB, 2x cigarette lighter, Engel type, heavy-duty 50A socket, DC terminals & AC outlet with on/off switch

This can charge everything from my laptop, fridge to my iPad all at the same time.

So far its been excellent apart from a few little quirks like when connected to the cigarette socket and the fridge got to the ideal temperature the fridge went to sleep and also the power hub too, this did’t wake the fridge up once it needed more power. Re connection to the Merit plug around the back solved this problem.

Also when I plugged in the solar blanket this morning it seem to drop the power hub from 75% to 0% so I’m looking into this as I’ve probably don’t something in the wrong order.

More details found on the Projecta Website


Solar Blanket

KT’s 200w Portable Solar Blanket

To keep my Power Hub battery fully charged this is the missing link, this part of my kit is something I love and keeps me outdoors until I eat everything out of my fridge.

Its so simple to use just unpack and place on the front of your windscreen then plug into the power hub. Ive only got a small car but its just the right size, as it covers the front windscreen it also keeps the car cooler, well within reason on a 30+ deg day.

The KT’s website

These are only the things that I have chosen to use and may or may not be the best for your needs. I’ll let you know how they perform over the coming months as I get more use out of them.

Happy camping.


2 thoughts on “Car Camping Equipment and Solar Power

  1. The battery and solar blanket seem like they would really be great for car camping. I take a lot (way too many) things when car camping, so different from my backpacking setup 🙂 Thanks for the great information


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