Camping at Chevallan Archery Park

Back on the road again and heading down the coast this time, I’m stopping off at Chevallan Archery Park for two nights as this seems to be a good combination.

I have the whole place to my self again which is awesome, the hosts are lovely and very welcoming. They also have two dogs and I’ve been throwing balls for them on and off all morning.

This place is amazing it has everything that you need, a nice large open field so you can just sit down at the table and chairs under shade sails, and watch the clouds roll over the hills.


If you feel like a stroll they have a nice creek and lots of land to walk around, you can feel the fresh air and the freedom only the country can give you.

This place is so green it reminds me of England only the trees, lack of stone walls and the weather is a give away and the cockatoos squawking off in the distance. Ok so its not really like England at all, even the cows are a different type. 


The ammenities are very clean both male and female toilets, two showers, and a lounge. This is just what they all should be like, these guys have done an amazing job at setting this place up, if only everyone made this much effort, people would be camping all the time. Even a place to cook out of the wind, which is a bonus today as its very strong.


If you feel like a bit of action you can even have a go at archery on many practice ranges, I seem to have improved since I posted my first video on Instagram and my facebook page.

Improving all the time

Its going to be hard to leave this place tomorrow but I’m sure I’ll visit on the way back up in a months time.

I don’t think I have seen the clouds so low and move this fast before, its quite mesmerising just to sit back and watch with a cider out of the car fridge.


Well I’m feeling much better today, I think a combination of driving and feeling free, relaxing in the country and trying new things, like archery is good for the sole.

Also chatting with amazing people on a night via the Internet and listening and sharing stories its quite rewarding.

I love reading other peoples blogs and seeing were they are at in life, and all the different paths we take to make us who we are.

Though I defiantly think I missed out on a few things by coming back to Australia early. I really wanted to stay for Halloween and bonfire night, looks like a few of the abbeys have been illuminated in light shows which would have been good to see, My friend also put on a play in Scarborough which I would have loved to see.

These are definitely things I want to do next time I visit England, if and when I go back.

Until then I’ll just enjoy what I have here and live through my English family and friend blogs and social media.

What didn’t you get to do this year, you wish you had.

Road Trip Stats

Today 207km – Total 2200km



8 thoughts on “Camping at Chevallan Archery Park

  1. Sure looks like a relaxing place Chris, I agree it makes a huge difference if you have nice clean facilities and a place to cook bonus.
    What didn’t I get to do this year ,,, The Camino but I will finish it one day
    Stay safe and happy


      1. You just never know. The universe seems to throw things I never see coming in my direction to keep me on my toes and enhance my skills.😂 I could be skydiving in Africa next year (something that I don’t have planned or is even on my list). Carpe Diem


    1. Yes England’s such a nice place and I’m torn between the two, not sure when my next visit is going to be. Can’t say I’ve ever watched a soccer match before, step dads a mad Leeds United fan and used to attend all the matches as a kid.


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