5 Day Blue Mountains Camino Training Walk

I’ve been staying at Glenella Guesthouse for the past month working on all aspects of a 5 day Camino style training walk. Starting at Penrith in the base of the Blue Mountains Australia and finishing 80km at the top of the mountains in Blackheath.

This training walk has been running for the past 3 years and its the first time I’ve been apart of it.

I was asked to guide the first day of the walk as I know the area and this turned into, well..  guiding the first 3 days, and supporting day 4 & 5.

The walk was an amazing success and I convinced the camino group to hold this event twice a year as people couldn’t wait a whole year for another Camino experience in the Blue Mountains.

We have also had interest from the Central Coast Camino group and also the Sunshine Coast Camino group in Queensland.

Day 1 Group
Day 3 Part of the technical Group

So apart from leading the walks I’ve been working heavily on the maps and creating two walking routes as we found not all walkers are created equal.

2020 will have two walks, one a direct route that follows the highway in parts and the other a more technical walk that includes some bush walking for a more difficult experience.

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 13.04.05
5 days of direct and technical maps

I also created an electronic version of the maps that can be used on iPads, iPhones and Android phones and this will help you find your location and if your off track.

iPad Mockup

Another fun project was a massive 1:25000 map I created showing both routes up the mountains. This involved 4 maps, string, glue, fence palings and a lot of patience.

Working on the 5 Day Map

This is now hanging in the foyer of Glenella Guesthouse at Blackheath in the Blue Mountains.


Camino & the Blue Mountains Information Corner

I have also been working on the Camino information corner, putting up shelving and lots of information about the Camino walk in Spain, which I walked last years, 900km.

To give people the full experience I created a credential that you can get stamped along the training walk at your accommodation and café’s like you do on the Camino. Unfortunately hotels and café’s only had stickers and business cards, this will improve over the next few years as the word gets out.


So as you can see I haven’t been travelling around Australia much at the moment but I’ve still been very busy working with maps and spending time with lovely people from all over the mountains. I have not regretted leaving work or selling my house as you can see I feel I’m finally living my life, even if I keep coming back to the Blue Mountains, Australia.

If you would like more information about joining the Blue Mountains Supporters of the Camino, checkout the links below.







6 thoughts on “5 Day Blue Mountains Camino Training Walk

  1. Hi Chris, great to see you’re keeping busy especially on such an interesting project. Great to see such practical Geography in action! Make sure you let us know next time you’re in SE Queensland and we’ll catch up. Still heading os next year?


    1. Yes It’s excellent to work on a variety of projects that’s for sure.
      I’ve just finished a 15 sec add for Glenella Guesthouse to show in the local cinema.
      Business is a little slow atm because of all the fires.
      I haven’t thought that far ahead as I’ve kind of got caught up in the Blue Mountains for the past few months.
      Hope your both keeping well, how’s the fires up north.


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